In the same spirit that our rural forefathers would have offered the finest fruits from their gardens,
we are today pleased and proud to introduce to you the products of our herbalist's laboratory.

We have always had a good relationship with the Earth: today in fact, our raw materials are still freshly pressed
vegetable oils, flower waters and herbs distilled drop by drop, juices of plants extracted with craftsmanlike patience, essences received as a gift from generous Mother Nature.

They arrive at L'Erbolario from the four corners of the world, they impregnate us, our workplaces, and even
the surrounding streets with their perfume. We then pour them liberally into our bottles, boxes and jars for all who
like us believe in the infinite properties of simple things, and know that to acquire beautiy through a conscious
use of nature, is an art to be cultivated with care, patience, knowledge and trust.

Nowadays it is difficult to practise natural beauty treatments with face packs from recently chopped fruit,
or with preparations of herbs personally picked. It should also be remembered that the sophisticated
modern extraction techniques are excellent allies and offer us increasingly effective and ultra-pure
vegetable extracts, extensin, phytosomes, fruit acids.

We believe therefore that many of you can share our philosophy which considers as essential an
alliance combining the precious wisdom of the past and the undeniable discoveries of the present.
A philosophy which combines classic phytotherapy and modern cosmetic science.

True to local and to family traditions, we have always been facinated by the infinite virtues of plants.
Our aim is to research their unexplored potential, embracing at the same time the precious aids of
science and of modern technologies.

All our phyto cosmetics are the fruit of enthusiasm for herbalism, acted out in almost 20 years of
production and success. They are often recommended, tested, criticised and improved by the
customers of our herbalist shop in Lodi, which is in fact older than the production laboratory itself.
This direct contact and feed back from our customers has been invaluable to us.

A top rate technical-scientific team (biologists, pharmacologists, chemists-cosmetologists, doctors and
chemical engineers) then monitors the quality of L'Erbolario cosmetics, produced in accordance with
the strictest health regulations and subject to thorough testing.

In order to ascertain the degree of tolerance they are finally tested through extended clinical trials
at the University of Pavia, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy.
Without naturally ever resorting to tests on animals.


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